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In focused determination to concentrate my skill set and expand my development knowledge base, I am working with Google App Engine, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Java & Semantic Web design. is hosted by the Google App Engine(GAE) and sits ON Google's platform(PaaS) for Free. We implement Semantic design principles- enabling a smart contextual browsing experience if the user runs a smart browser. iTreeware is a fully scalable web presence that adjusts to screen sizes automatically- so this site looks great on smartphones, tablets & widescreens. The layout of content scrolls down instead of relying on menu selections- more smartphone/tablet friendly. Make no mistake~ this is not a template created website- Tree wrote all the copy, did graphic work/photography, and authored every line of code- HTML5, CSS3 & Javascript.

The purpose here is to demonstrate coding proficiency & concentrate my Web/Mobile App/Art work in a centralized location.


My background is Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems, 7 years Analyst, 5 years Team Building & 5 years as a Technology Teacher(ACSI), including 6-12 curriculum design. Going forward I am focused on Web/Mobile App development. I love to code. To hit my target I leveraged my training as a C/C++ developer & spent a year learning new programming languages. I now know HTML5, CSS3 & GAE-Java & Java.To prove my new skills I created & am working toward certifications in both Java 6.29(Oracle) and HTML5(W3C) for a start. I am comfortable with the Analyst side of software developement as well including, UML, SDLC, ERD, Agile & Semantic.

On the software development side, I enjoy coding, problem solving, algorithms, decoding, design, process mapping & chart making. As a Facilitator I enjoy team building, outdoor education, experiential activities & coordinating Teaming Events.

certified Credentials on LinkedIn: Theresa Strepek

Certified Professional: HTML5 and CSS3

Seeking Certification: OCP-JavaSE6.29,

Web Development
Smart Browser ready Written in HTML5-CSS3-Javascript Semantic Web Employed.

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iTreeware website is HTML5/ CSS3 with semantic design principles employed. Thanks to HTML5 there isn't a single "div" in this code. CSS percentages were used instead of exact pixel specs- meaning object sizing ratios dynamically adjust to the available screen size- iPads, Smartphones, Widescreen. Try it out... scale the window & my elements scale too. To support a standard look & feel Google font API manages Nobile, Fresca, Raleway, Arizonia while the user views the page. The UI has a fixed header/footer on every page for consistency in branding & navigation.

The site is expected to be stable, flexible & dynamically scale up for optimal performance according to demand thanks to Google's PaaS (Platform as a Service). Using Google's App Engine technology the iTreeware domain is hosted free of charge. We run on the same back-end platform as Google's search engine!

Reinvent Chicago App Competition-ParkLAB: 3rd Place
apps Chicago, IL 2013

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Update: Our team earned 3rd place for a science education app called "ParkLAB"! November & December are focused on refining the concept into a fully functioning app for the next competition with Chicago's Mayor Rahm Emanuel at the WWF sponsored Cleanweb. For more information click here-> Mayor Emanuel launches Cleanweb App Competition- Chicago 2013

October 2013: The Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT) hosted an app competition to make Chicago's neighborhoods smarter, greener, more sustainable & more affordable. Over the course of the event, community activists and app developers worked together to build tools to make our neighborhoods more sustainable, both environmentally and economically. CNT welcomed participants from all corners of the city, whether a local activist working to improve your neighborhood or a coder looking to make a difference in the community. #UrbanSustainabilityAppsCompetition2013

App Development
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One of my biggest ideas is to combine the power of coding with my humanitarian heart for families toiling in poverty- I am focusing in on what I consider the "original farmer". The plight of the impoverished farmer echos on every continent. No story is as vivid as the coffee farmer. The coffee farmer is paid pennies for their beans, then distributors earn fat profits for bringing the coffee bean to market where consumers pay $4.00/cup.

GOOD NEWS: The stage is set for change! Technology is ready to liberate coffee bean farmers and others like them from a system that has held them in poverty. Today's mobile technology infrastructure is paving the road for solutions. Potential partners in this project are Bill & Melinda Gates who are 'impatiet optimists' to end poverty. In addition, Google's LOON project has been successful setting up wifi in the most remote corners of the earth. As Bill & Melinda Gates are accepting ideas for reducing poverty, iTreeware drafted a proposal & will be submitting our my app vision along with the supporting business plan. The stage is set for Change!

Proposal Submitted
to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is accepting fresh ideas for fighting global poverty. iTreeware has pitched their idea of using mobile app technology to restructure the distribution process for "original farmers". Read more about this above or clickon the "original farmers" button below. By enabling original farmers to sell their crop directly to the consumer market their profits increase significantly. Imagine how that will rocket launch poor villages into equal players in the marketplace of goods & produce. Honestly, this needs to be adopted as a charitable idea. I forsee families adopting villages, or other families. Consumers are expected to pay the same amount for their goods. BUT the original farmer will be liberated from a life of desperation and hopelessness. Let's End Generational Poverty for Hard-Working Farmers!

App Development
site wide branding A Kiss of Adventure

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Average life deserves a BREATH of ADVENTURE! How many of us are working our lives away for that 1 week vacation? Honestly- vacations are amazing & fundamental. AND what if an App could create a similar breath of excitement associate with adventure!? I am a FUN -type personality & I love to have relaxing moments with friends in amazing places. I feel like Everyone I know needs a BREATH of ADVENTURE! A Virtual Glimpse of Amazing Destinations. Here's an idea: Plan your next amazing adventure at this outdoor fun hub! Leave messages at the message board, just like world class adventurists in real life. "A Kiss of Adventure" an App for Everyone!

World Class Adventure.... in your pocket.


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