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a sit-in infrared sauna combining both near & far infrared. The heart & head stay cool so you don't over heat! People can sit in this healing sauna for an hour while watching the news, catching up on email, talking on the phone or doing homework.

Talk about multi-tasking options

After 15 minutes the body has increased circulation & warmed up extremities thanks to the penetrating properties of infrared. Infrared heat penetrates 2"-4" into the body. This penetrating therapy aides in the body's Own Healing process. The bench seat delivers healing far infrared rays to your uterus and prostate gland.

Six heaters safely and efficiently warm your body. With heaters targeting your back, the sides of your legs, the front of your knees and the bottoms of your feet. This patented technology of far infrared heat penetrates evenly for optimal results. This is the ultimate Far Infrared (FIR) Sauna for your detox needs, including: heavy metal detox, Lyme disease, Autism, immune support or for your overall personal health and well-being.

A thermal image of an average human body shows that the upper body near the heart maintains a warm temperature and areas further from the heart maintain a much lower temperature. This is natural to protect heart and head, which are the most important organs. However, this imbalance can cause health threats. This sauna fixes this temperature imbalance by warming the lower body and increasing blood flow to the whole body without raising blood pressure or resulting in a feeling of claustrophobia.

Do you sit everyday? ... Just sit here!
It's so healthy for your entire body!

*Red Cedar

*Sit in these boxes for 1 1/2 hours a day.

* Heat intensity is easy to control
site wide branding
*Your Head & Heart stay comfortable- so you can Relax

*Work space is designed on the top surface- safe for iPad, laptop, tablet.

*120lbs. Fully Assembled.

*Plugs into a standard 120v wall outlet

*Consumes approx. the same energy as a vacuum cleaner.

* Same quality as traditional, walk-in sauna models

* Manufacture has made quality full size sauna for 33 years!

* Proven Quality.... New Technology!

My Testimony
" I tore my ACL away from my femur playing tennis about 1 month prior. My knee was tight, painful & stiff. Every step was a chore. Honestly, I felt like the creaky tin man in the movie Wizard of Oz. After sitting in this infrared sauna for 15 minutes my knee was pain free, mobility increased & I could extend my foot when I walked. I was almost in disbelief- it was a dramatic improvement. My walking was smooth and easy. What a Great Product! This sauna is Quality & it Works! An added bonus is the aroma therapy -the red cedar smells like the mountains. I highly recommend this sit-in sauna for anyone rehabilitating a knee!"

Theresa Strepek Health Freedom Expo in Chicago- June 2013

**Because I was helped so much, I am bringing this compact sauna back to Chicagoland to help other people too.

Order Yours Today!

$1,995 + shipping.

financing available.

Be Competitive. Grab Healthy for Yourself! red

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