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FireCoders are software developers. We are at one with the computer. This trac is for technical content. My opening question has to do with platform configurations. This is a knowledge share for the actively coding community of low level developers. If you're a coder who wants to be challenged- let's R-o-l-l.


This trac is more for the beginner. I ask myself-'What did I need?' This tutorial is a fast track to understanding software & writing code. I encourage learners to take advantage of the lesson format. (Learn logic before programming.) I chose the order intentionally. This lessons based course lays a quick foundation of logic before branching into other areas. A "How To" step by step journey for those interested in the software track & willing to work with sustained focus toward a worthwhile goal.

It was some time ago that I was a high school technology teacher. We had some fun with Office, logic, programming, web design, graphic compositions, DOS, Java, HTML. It was at that time I learned I have a passion to inspire young minds with an aptitude for science & software, in particular. Here' my first Tidbit#1: When it comes to IT(information technology), the world is divided into Hardware -OR- Software. I am undoubtedly & definitively SOFTWARE-> mobile apps, web designs, process mapping ...

My technology interest is fueled from within my core. It is one of my sources of vitality & youthfulness. If tech is your passion.... This is a construction zone: road work is being done here.

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My personal coding preference is GAE-Java7-HTML5. I chose to align my hack sessions with Google's platform as a service(PaaS)- offered through their Google App Engine. It is a a robust cloud computing platform that lets anyone build apps on Google's renowned and highly scalable infrastructure. The picture illustrates how Google's own back-end platform assures performance, load balancing & flexibility. Google handles dynamic server operations. With Google's PaaS ITreeware can focus on building software.

Companies trusting their back end platform to Google, include: Khan Academy, Best Buy, BugSense, Ubisoft, Pulse, the Royal Family and,of course, Google! Read more about businesses ON GAE @ Businesses Operating on GAE. Click HERE to see what a few developers say about GAE(Google App Engine).


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Need software designed/developed?
Hire Tree: a solid coder with organization skills

Noticed your older website is not beautiful on all media devices?
Contract Tree: a web developer

Want to add a POP of color or a little grunge to your web presence?
Contract Tree: a web developer

Has your IT department been fighting fires?
Contract Tree: to facilitate SOP & process mapping(a team building event).

Got great software.... but no one knows how to use it?
Contract Tree: a technical trainer.

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