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We like to understand the details other people run away from. Full and total comprehension is the baseline that empowers future successes. I run GAE, Java, HTML5 & Javascript, JQuery, XML. I don't believe in doing things traditionalLY because it's 'more comfortable'. I don't believe in supporting back-end systems if I don't have to... SO Here's My Thought-> If Google effectively handles the entire backend & it is free to get started & they bill only for resources utilized, and they automatically scale performance support(MEM & CPU), and they handle data storage..... Why not go that way? I want to start a conversation about platform effectiveness. Am I being too simple?

LinkedIn Group: GAE Discussion Forum

I like the concept of leveraging existing tech, where possible,as opposed to 're-designing the wheel'. LinkedIn is a professional forum that will suit our DEVELOPER COMMUNICATION just fine.... SO- I started a LinkedIn GROUP titled "GAE- Java: Intermediate Developer Communication". Click the icon to jump to it.
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Here's the Dropping In Point

I hope you to begin interacting with this site's Dev Comm resource right away. Unlike other sources iTreeware is adopting cutting edge development practices & starting fresh, with you. My baseline site ( went up July of 2013. The site is coded up with cutting-edge practices. It is refreshing to code with solid HTML5, CSS3. It is equally terrific to have the beginning guidelines of a Semantic Web outlined so I can employ them. iTreeware is ready for smart-Browsers.

At this point we turn the corner into straight App coding. I am a new programmer with GAE. So I plan our DEV_COMM to be valuable. Jump in with us. Introduce yourself .


iTreeware Code Power 4 Hire

Need software designed/developed?
Hire Tree: a solid coder with organization skills

Noticed your older website is not beautiful on all media devices?
Contract Tree: a web developer

Want to add a POP of color or a little grunge to your web presence?
Contract Tree: a web developer

Has your IT department been fighting fires?
Contract Tree: to facilitate SOP & process mapping(a team building event).

Got great software.... but no one knows how to use it?
Contract Tree: a technical trainer.

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